Get your minds out of the gutter. Yeesh.

My brother is of the opinion that functional objects might as well be decorative too, and his children have a preponderance of built-in cupboards in their bedroom, so I was charged with titivating two dozen plain 4cm wooden knobs.

As happens in most of my projects, I put the knobs on a shelf and forgot about them for the best part of a year, until my brother gently intimated that his kids might actually like to be able to open their cupboards someday. So I busted out the acrylic paints and got to work.

Annoyingly, the only pictures I have are crappy camera phone ones, their lack of clarity compounded by the glare of the shiny varnish. Therefore please pretend that the photos are from the early 90s and you’ve never seen HD before.

Observe that there are several different sets, with quite a strong Greek myth bias because my brother and his wife both have Classics degrees and therefore the children were born fluent in the dead languages. The opportunity to tell the story of Theseus and the Minotaur through the medium of knobs was too rare to pass up.

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One Comment to “Knobs!”

  1. They’re fab Helen. My sister was, like you, the fun creative aunt they always loved. Never wanted to have kids of her own; so she’s obviously the intelligent one in the family.

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