noises on: AMT192 and the Big Show

The new series of Answer Me This! begins today, featuring royal towns, the Yellow Brick Road, and Jewish French Toast. It can be found here.

In other noisy news, Olly and I popped up on Steve Wright in the Afternoon yesterday, around the 1hr 38min mark. We speak of this week’s Blackberry outage, the Jeremy Clarkson satnav that has since been banned, and this boyband who seem to be less real than characters in computer games. Listen to them at your peril.


2 Comments to “noises on: AMT192 and the Big Show”

  1. Hello Barbara,It was so great to meet with you on the plane to LA. You are such a wonderful, joyful and interesting person. I hope to see you soon. And, I hope you have wonderful time in LA. At my meeting, it was “National Go Barefoot Day.” Only in LA we all went barefoot thank goodness I had just had a pedicure. (It reminded me of how eveyone’s mother always says never wear bad underware in case you are in an accident and have to go the emergency ward.) The reason for the barefeet is that a company donated a pair of shoes to kids without shoes for every one that went barefoot. It was neat. Take care,Alison

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