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October 21, 2011

noises on, threefold

This has been a triple-podcast week. There’s AMT193, of course; Olly and I also pop up on the newish podcast Dave Weekly, having a chat with the charming Ben Shires, who was magnificently dressed head to toe in the ‘1940s spiv’ style.

Finally, I had the intimidating pleasure of being on one of my favourite podcasts, the Guardian’s Media Talk, with John Plunkett and Dan Sabbagh, talking about Ricky Gervais trolling and the possible decline of X Factor. Boo hoo, I say, boo hoo!

October 21, 2011

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaas!

Except it isn’t. It’s Octobeeeeeeeeeeer! Yet the Christmas lights are already up in Oxford Street. Our local Tesco is backing two horses by stocking both Halloween tat and special Christmas boxes of Twiglets (buy now! Avoid disappointment!). And all around town yesterday I encountered prematurely festive displays, for example:


Foolish Henry Hoover, he peaks too early. By the time his advent calendar is just half open, his supply of festive spirit will have been exhausted.