Noises on

Apologies to my own website for a fortnight of neglect. All waking hours have been monopolised by one thing: editing. Worse, editing my own voice, ugh ugh, albeit commingled with legion family members, as we prepared the mammoth podcast that was the 200th episode of Answer Me This!. I still can’t believe that we’ve notched up so many episodes, nor can I fathom why, but the special episode was a great way to celebrate the milestone.

On Friday I popped up for the last 15 minutes of MacAulay and Co on BBC Radio Scotland, and as every Saturday, Saturday Edition on BBC 5 Live around 20 minutes in.

And now it would be time to closet myself in a silent room for a good while, except I can’t because I have to plough through 20 hours of Answer Me This! to compile the end-of-year ‘Best Of’ episodes. If I haven’t stabbed myself in the ear by this time next week, it’ll be a Christmas miracle.

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