Gingerbread Day 2011: sweet

Gingerbread Day is an annual institution in our household. It began a few years ago when we bought an unexpectedly massive Christmas tree, and had hardly any decorations to cover it; so we drafted in our friends to decorate gingerbread men to hang on it. It’s now a pretty hot ticket, let me tell you.

You should see what happens when a bunch of responsible adults get their hands on a piping bag and some jelly tots:

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Frankly I’m not particularly interested in gingerbread as a thing to eat, although this year’s was quite tasty because I doubled the quantities of spices in the recipe. However, I’ll be smashing up the breadbin-full I have left and making it into double-plus yum Rocky Road.

Stay tuned to hear about the epic pies that were Gingerbread Day 2011’s savoury course.


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