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December 26, 2011

patchwork dog

Alas I only had time to make a couple of Christmas presents this year. I’ll post about my favourite one tomorrow. This patchwork Scottie dog, which I gave to my sister-in-law Kate, I do like well enough; but because I used a pattern and didn’t invent it myself, it didn’t involve the three-act drama I enjoy so much during my improvised crafting endeavours: first act, optimistic experimentalism; second act, panic; third act, relief/horror at the end product.

Anyway, if you want to make your own patchwork dog, you can find the pattern here. Behold my effort:


I’ve never done patchwork with small pieces before, but it was very quick to sew by hand. Plus it was pleasing to work in some of my sillier fabrics.


I deviated from the pattern by sewing a border strip out of 30 squares instead of one fabric, which meant the dog could have a rather apt piece for its mouth:


And, entirely by chance, it ended up having quite an apt little bit of pattern at its far end too.


UPDATE: here’s another for the litter. A gift for a Philly girl, hence the map patch.

Different colour scheme for the flipside:

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December 26, 2011

noises on

I assume that not all of you had particularly happy Christmases, given that there were more than zero visitors to this site yesterday. Today you’ve also been sending me some corking tweets about your worst presents – click here to read.

Halfway through building the Christmas pudding-substitute tower of profiteroles, I realised I was at that moment on BBC 5 Live, as a guest on their Radio Review of 2011 hosted by the magnificent Jane Garvey of Woman’s Hour (who happened to be the first ever voice on 5 Live, fact fans) and also featuring Mike Toolan, Miranda Sawyer, Emma Barnett, John Plunkett and Olly Mann. You can find the show here. Unusually, I really hope nobody was listening to it live yesterday evening…

Shortly before Christmas, Olly and I also piped up on Guardian Media Talk’s review of the year, and also polished off the podcast for the year with the Best of Answer Me This! 2011, part 2.

And now, the profiteroles:

Dad said they looked like a lion had done a shit on the plate.