free entertainment?

There’s nothing good on telly on Tuesday 31st January; so if you’re at a loose end that evening, and crave diversion at zero cost, then please come down to the Phoenix Cavendish Square.

Forwhy? Well, Olly and I will be recording a radio pilot for a new comedy quiz – with Ian Collins, Tom Parry and Bridget Christie as the contestants – and we need YOU to be in the Live Studio Audience. I promise you won’t get hauled up on stage or forced to recount your most embarrassing sexual experience, as it’s neither panto nor So Graham Norton. (I have a phobia of audience participation, so I wouldn’t do that to you.)

Doors open at 7pm for a punctual 7.30 commencement, concluding by around 9pm. As there are no tickets, it’s first come first served for the chairs. I don’t know whether the pub allows bring-your-own for furniture.

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