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March 24, 2012

noises on

I made plenty of noises this week, including on Steve Wright, Double Take, and Ian Collins Wants a Word. Plus, of course, Answer Me This! Episode 210, the final episode before we go on holiday for three weeks.

We had an exciting send-off, though: our special Jubilee-themed album, which only came out two days ago, is currently in the iTunes Top 20 albums! I don’t suppose that situation will last very long; but for our spoken-word royal extravaganza to be outselling Katy Perry, Florence + The Machine and Rihanna is a truly ‘surprising’ state of affairs. By surprising, I mean ‘absurd’. But I’m very happy to take that.

March 15, 2012

Button it

A very basic bit of making this week:
old buttons + earring backs + Superglue = earrings

All components made by somebody else (I don’t fancy my chances at brewing my own Superglue), so my role was about as creative as assembling flatpack furniture. But, I’m going to a wedding on Saturday which promises to be very spangly, and I needed some mock jewels in a hurry.

Living in Crystal Palace, I have a magnificent source for old buttons: the Haynes Lane Market. Tucked away behind the Sainsburys, it is the kind of place that is virtually extinct now, a scaled down combination of the dear departed Kensington Market (now a PC World) and Greenwich outdoor market (now a boarded-up building site). In summation, it is a two-storey treasure trove of random old shit.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, withdraw a fistful of cash then pop in there for a rummage. There are so few places remaining where in one sweep you can snap up 1960s teapots, Georgian fishknives, Deee-Lite shoes and Arctic Explorer outfits for Ken dolls; so let’s support them while they’re still in business.