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May 9, 2012

Noises on: Woman’s Hour and Sweden

I can now die happy (well, dependent upon the method of despatch) because yesterday, the radio dream of my life came true: I got to go on Woman’s Hour! Right after Gok Wan and Sapphire, the author of Push that was filmed as Precious. They weren’t appearing together, BTW. He was cooking green beans. Anyway, if you’re interested to hear, click here.

Immediately before I went into the studio, there was another first: I appeared on Swedish radio! Talking about podcasting, but alas not in Swedish, for I am linguistically ill-equipped for appearances on foreign radio stations. In case you weren’t tuned into PP3 on Sveriges Radio P3 yesterday morning, you can listen again here.

Other recent audio events polluted by my blabbermouth: last week’s Guardian Media Talk; AMT213; and a solo appearance on our regular BBC 5 Live beat, Saturday Edition (at 22min 30secs).