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May 31, 2012

Noises on: So Wrong It’s Right

I was very excited to be on last night’s episode of Charlie Brooker’s So Wrong It’s Right on Radio 4, alongside Graham Linehan (progenitor of Father Ted and The IT Crowd) and Matthew Crosby (occupant of my spare room 2007-2010. Amongst other life achievements).

The show was recorded in March, and having not listened to it yet, I can’t remember anything of what I said. Fingers crossed, eh? I do remember having a lovely conversation beforehand with Charlie Brooker’s mum, who showed me the balls of yarn she had bought earlier that day. She is a very accomplished knitter, FYI.

Also, since Jubilee weekend is almost upon us, allow me a final plug for the Answer Me This! Jubilee album, the aural equivalent of Union Jack bunting.