Noises on: A Different World (Service)

On Monday I paid my first ever visit to the BBC World Service HQ, ostensibly to comment upon the Jubilee on Newshour, but really just to get my nose inside that ‘bastion of BBC buildings’ Bush House before the World Service relocates to Broadcasting House.

I wonder whether its character will be sustained in its new modern surroundings: the station, both on air and its offices, feels a little like a different era – perhaps an idealised version of the 1950s, minus the social inequality but with the propriety and the cool microphones. This impression is compounded by all the clocks being set to Greenwich Mean Time; the place literally inhabits a different timezone, and I wouldn’t be altogether surprised if normal laws do not apply either, as in international waters.

Incidentally, they keep a defibrillator at the reception desk. I hope it doesn’t see active service too often.

Elsewhere in the world, Olly and I were interviewed on the American podcast about podcasts, Podcast Squared, about our podcast. If that doesn’t sound too podcast-eating-itself for you, click here to hear.

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