sport sport sporty sporty sport

Given our interests and athleticism, I never thought a day would come where I could say Olly and I had made a whole album about sport. (Without lying.) But lo, we have! The Answer Me This! Sports Day is out now, and it was worth making it just because we got to go on Lauren Laverne’s 6 Music show to plug it – if you require proof, listen here at the 2hr 13min mark. Anyway, do please take a punt on the album if you think the problem with the bona fide Olympic commentators is that they i) know too much about sport ii) offer too few tangentially relevant factoids iii) are uninterrupted by jingles, such as this one:

Also this week, we appear on episode 65 of Getting Better Acquainted, a podcast of which I am very fond. Dave Pickering conducts in-depth interviews with people he knows – though he made exception for us despite never having met before, because we’re fellow podcasters – on order to get better acquainted with them, as per the title. I think it’s a very pleasing idea for a podcast, and wholeheartedly recommend the series even if you don’t wish to get better acquainted with me particularly, because you rightly suspect it would be diminishing returns.

In case you’re wondering what all the background noise is, during our recording in one of the bars at the Royal Festival Hall, the security guards ejected a man who was having a little nap at the table next to us. The kerfuffle was far louder than the napping.


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