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December 15, 2012

end of year noises

As the end of the year approaches, tradition dictates we look back upon the past twelvemonth, reflect and ruminate, then pick out some of the highlights of that year and edit them into an audio package.

This we have done with Answer Me This! – the Best of 2012 part I is out now, and part II will follow on Thursday 20th. Embedded above is one of my favourite passages; drunk-dialling can be strangely moving.

Olly and I also run through the year’s biggest online events on Saturday Edition, BBC 5 Live 8pm 29th December or available shortly after as the Let’s Talk About Tech podcast; and you can hear us discussing Christmas gadgets and songs on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 on 20th December.

Not finished yet! I crop up on BBC 5 Live’s Radio Review of 2012, which will be on at 11pm on Christmas Eve, repeated 4pm on Christmas Day, or, if you want to listen at a more sensible time, available on the 5 Live website straight after. There’s some very interesting stuff on it, and it’s co-hosted by Jane Garvey – any show with Jane Garvey on it is a show worth hearing.

Lastly, Olly and I also wrote some bits for the Celebrity Juice Christmas Specials; part one is already on ITV Player and part two will follow on Thursday 20th.

And now, having provided a thorough summation of 2012, I’m taking the rest of it off. See you in 2013, assuming that apocalypse is another let-down.