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March 18, 2013


Austin greetings mural

I just returned from SXSWi in Austin, Texas, where I spoke on a panel about podcasting with Colin Anderson, Jesse Thorn and Roman Mars. We were scheduled against talks by Selena Gomez and also Shaq, which made for a very difficult choice for people who were interested in both the monetization of podcasts AND the cast of Spring Breakers.

Hopefully the audio of our session will become available soon; in the meantime here’s a picture of my fellow panellists gearing up in the greygreen room…

Austin green room

…and unwinding afterwards in a sausage restaurant.

Austin post-panel sausages

I reported back to the Guardian’s Media Talk podcast, which you can hear HERE. Aside from a lot of interesting talks about new media and tech, there was plenty other excitement, including several outstanding film screenings (keep an eye out for An Unreal Dream, The Spectacular Now and Partly Fiction), some classic Texan barbecue, and free corporate swag including a branded harmonica, a branded shaky egg and some giant Post-It notes. Got to recoup the cost of my flight where I can.

Then I rode on a train for 37 hours to Los Angeles, for another podcast adventure in Jordan, Jesse, Go! which you can hear HERE. Or even right here:

Jesse, Jordan and me:


NB if you want to arrive somewhere fresh in body and mind, don’t spend 37 hours on a train immediately prior. But you already knew that.