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April 26, 2013

Internet daters of the world…

…I need YOU.

If you’re currently doing internet dating, would you be willing to be interviewed by me about it, before and after you go on the date, for a new podcast I want to make? By all means you can use a false name if your bashfulness threatens to conquer your exhibitionism.

If you’re interested in allowing me to nose gently into your private life, then please email me: Think of it as free therapy, over Skype.

Pass it on!

PS Over-18s only, please; sorry kids.

April 8, 2013

noisy weekend

Lots of noise-work over the past weekend. Firstly on Friday evening, I joined the roundtable on the Ian Collins show on LBC with Ian Dunt of; podcast should appear here shortishly. Saturday Edition as usual on Saturday on BBC 5 Live. Then on Sunday morning, my first appearance on the Jeni Barnett Show on BBC London which you can hear here. Whilst songs are playing, most radio presenters spend the time reading listeners’ messages/news feeds/in discussion with the producers/going to the loo. Not Jeni. She dances exuberantly around the studio, because she is fantastic.

There’s also AMT251, and I’m on the new episode of International Waters, along with Jesse Thorn, Janet Varney, Ricky Carmona and my former flatmate Matthew Crosby! And thus the photo on the post about the episode is a photo of me and the Crosb sitting on my sofa in 2008, holding up our iPods for a shot to go with an ‘episode’ of his now defunct Readable Podcast. If you want, you can roll back the years and read the episode here. There are even jingles. I had forgotten all about this, which was probably for the best.

April 1, 2013

painting and dEGGorating

Do you understand the point of painted eggs? Nor do I, but some people seem to take the art very seriously (especially the Ukrainians, golly). And since I spent Easter with some friends who are both arty and eggy, it was time to give it a try.

First step: blowing eggs. I’d never done this before, and until we found a bigger pin with which to make the holes it was quite taxing. And gross-looking.

Second step: busting out the gouache, acrylic ink, felt pens and gold paint, and filling the eggspanse.

Egg no.1: Terror lurks in the sky for the innocent herbivore…

eggstinction herb

…and for the carnivores!

eggstinction panic

They’re right to look a little worried, for EGGSTINCTION is imminent.

Egg no.2: EGGTOPUS. Click for bigger.