100% OK

In this post last year I proclaimed that I was too pathologically lazy ever too make patchwork out of small pieces.

So why did I just end up hand-making a quilt out of 462 one-inch squares?

Because I hate myself. It’s the only possible explanation.

But perhaps my self-hating streak knows me better than I know myself, because it turned out I LOVED working with the tiny patches, and I also love the result:

quilt wall

This is a present for my friends Racton and Eleanor. ‘100% OK’ is a stock phrase of Racton’s, a synonym for ‘whelmed’.

One of the delights of small patches I discovered is the opportunity to play around more with prints. In patchwork I’m always seeking a slight jarring effect between one patch and the next, and when there are 462 patches, that’s a whole lot of potential jarring for me to enjoy. There was room for far more variety, making fragments of prints appear out of context. Plus, if I found one patch boring, I knew another would be coming along within ten seconds.

Here are a few details:

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I mentioned before that whatever I’m making becomes forever associated in my mind with whatever I was watching whilst making it. In this case: Arrested Development series 4 and series 3-6 of the American Office.

100% OK quilt

statue hides


7 Comments to “100% OK”

  1. Beautiful! I hadn’t even seen this post before I suggested you enter that Cloth magazine competition.

  2. did you hand sew the pieces together? or machine?

  3. It is such a vivid, joyous work of art and expression! Why so self-deprecating? Helen, I love it. What a good gift giver you are!

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