Sound Women podcast 5: Jane Garvey

One of the boons of making the Sound Women podcast is that I get to interview people I think are very interesting. Before even starting the series, I had Woman’s Hour‘s Jane Garvey in the crosshairs, so I was utterly delighted to stick a microphone in her face for SWP5. Naturally she did not disappoint.

Also on the episode: Amazing Radio‘s Ruth Barnes and Rachael Devine, and head of Sound Women regions Lucy Duffield. Dose yourself with the show via iTunes and SoundCloud.

This week is the third birthday of BBC 5 Live’s Saturday Edition, on which I’m continually delighted to have a weekly gig. In its podcast form it is known as Let’s Talk About Tech, and on the 31st August episode I contemplate the Huffington Post’s decision to abolish anonymous commenter accounts, and the mother-daughter team who make over $1m scamming online daters.

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a bit of ‘seven-year itch’ about Answer Me This! lately – but nonetheless I think the show has been on rather good form recently. It is available for your attention at


3 Comments to “Sound Women podcast 5: Jane Garvey”

  1. Jennifer and Katherine, you are both very kind! I’ll get over myself soon.

    Thanks for checking out Sound Women as well. It has been extremely interesting trying to make such a different podcast. And I have a few more in the pipeline…

  2. Know that your itchy efforts are greatly appreciated! I love listening to AMT, and genuinely get a bit giddy with anticipation every Thursday. And as a young woman with journalistic aspirations, I’m so impressed with the work you’re doing with sound women – keep it up!

  3. Oh Helen don’t feel 7 year itchy, i’ve been listening since day one, (i remember Polly from London always emailing…)no i’m not a stalker! I just have a lot of dog walking to do and enjoy spontaneously laughing and scaring people on footpaths. I agree AMT is back on top form at the mo, but I’m also loving the soundwomen stuff its great to hear more women on the radio.

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