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October 24, 2013

Tube snooping

Last night the tube pulled up and, bathed in golden light framed by the dark window, I saw this fiftysomething couple. Enraptured by his sourness and her boredom and their identical haircuts, I wanted to take a photo, but the sour man shot me a fierce look over his Kindle so I didn’t dare.

He couldn’t stop me drawing them craply when I got home, though.


October 1, 2013

Sound Women podcast 6: Annabel Port and Geoff Lloyd

In this month’s Sound Women podcast, I interviewed Annabel Port and Geoff Lloyd, who host Absolute Radio’s Hometime Show which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Being half of a presenting duo myself, I was interested to hear how they keep their partnership fresh after 12+ years. Olly and I have been making Answer Me This! for nearly seven years and sometimes we’re sick of the sight (and sound) of each other. But Annabel and Geoff have to come up with hours of on-air chat every day! They’re probably just nicer people than we are…

During the chats, I learnt how Annabel’s radio career revelation came to her up a Mexican mountain; how she was subsequently Discovered by Geoff; and how working with him has caused her to lose all her social inhibitions. They also lay into those who propagate the notion that women aren’t funny. The fact that people still trot out this statement almost makes me object to the notion of free speech. Perhaps we should all have to sit an exam before we’re permitted to express any opinions.