end of the year noisedump

The year always ends with a flurry of editing to cobble together the Best of Answer Me Thises, and here they are. Here they bloody are.

If you don’t already listen to Getting Better Acquainted podcast, it’s time you got on with that. Last year’s Christmas episode was one of the most honest and moving podcasts I have ever heard. Host Dave Pickering is a very candid, soul-searching person; I’m none of those things, but nonetheless he let me come on the show a few weeks ago:

If you like to eavesdrop upon fun and engaging chat about films, do not deprive yourself of the Picturehouse Podcast. Sam Clements and Simon Renfrew are very engaging company, although unhealthily obsessed with The Holiday as I discovered when I went on the show to talk about Christmas films. Much as I admire them, I am definitely right about The Holiday. It is a bucket of liquid shit. Unlike the podcast:


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