P is for…

…patchwork, and also Pepper, my three-month-old babyfriend. She is the daughter of my friend Amy, recipient of the 2012 A quilt; so, hellbent on filling their house with alphabet patchwork, I threw together this for Pepper’s Christmas present:

P cushion

(Modelled by the Veronica Mars blanket.)

It’s a 16-inch cushion formed of 1-inch handsewn squares, like last year’s 100% OK piece. Accidentally I kept slicing slivers off the edges of my card square template, so cut smaller and smaller patches that didn’t line up properly. Not that Pepper will care; she’s currently more interested in chewing her own fist than criticising sloppy patchwork.


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6 Comments to “P is for…”

  1. where do you get all these little bits of interesting fabric from? i definitely dont have enough different scraps from old projects… there must be a secret

    • No secret! Just accruing a stash over many years: yards of cheap cotton and polycotton, African wax prints, fat quarters of interesting prints (try Etsy and Ebay, and I buy a lot of these on holiday in the US), old clothes, old household fabrics, other people’s cast-offs…

  2. Dang. What a wonderful gift for a munchkin. Pepper is lucky little girl!

  3. Just had an ankle biter last week. Going to start on this awesome idea next week. Thanks!

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