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July 10, 2014

Nightingale noises

I’ve had a quiet month. Wayyyyy too quiet. But hurrah, the silence is broken:

There’s a new episode of the Sound Women podcast, in which the absolute legend that is Annie Nightingale tells me about busting down doors to get a job at the distinctly female-unfriendly Radio 1, where she still is today, as fresh and enthusiastic as ever. We also go behind the scenes of big music festival broadcasts, through all the mud, rain and balloon attacks.

I’m a guest on the latest episode of The Media Podcast with Newsbeat’s Alex Hudson and host Miranda Sawyer. On the agenda: George Clooney vs the Mail Online, leaky Doctor Who, and the sinister-sounding Omnicom.

A couple of weeks ago, I chaired a discussion at the Regent Street Apple Store with Bugle producer Chris Skinner, Football Rambler Pete Donaldson, and m’esteemed colleage Olly Mann. Audio and video of us contemplating our podcasting lives is now available here.

And finally: after many weeks of being biffed in favour of sports broadcasts, 5 Live’s Saturday Edition is back*, as will be its subsequent incarnation as the Let’s Talk About Tech podcast.
*Alas, not for long. After four glorious years, as of October it will be no more. Spare any change?