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September 22, 2014

No Such Thing As A Fish noises

I have seen into the minds of the QI Elves, and they are, as you might imagine, Chock Full Of Knowledge.

This is quite soul-destroying for me, as I too make a fact-flinging show, and my brain is but a rotten walnut. Seriously! I think I cover it quite well, but almost all the time, my head feels whistlingly empty, a very similar sensation to when you’ve moved all your stuff out of your house and you’re taking one final tour around before locking the front door for the last time.

Nonetheless, I had a great time with the QI Elves on their terrific podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, even though they have Google plumbed straight into their intellects and I do not (hello, inferiority complex). Listen below, or via

By the way – if you’re ever seeking podcast recommendations, on every alternate Thursday (ie the ones when we don’t post a new episode of Answer Me This!) I do a ‘Thursday Listening Party’ post on the AMT site mentioning shows that I’ve particularly enjoyed hearing over that fortnight.

Here they all are, if you want to see, and/or suggest shows that I and the AMT readers should hear. I love finding out about more podcasts, and word of mouth seems to be the best way. So please do enlighten me!

September 12, 2014

The Media Podcast

Popped up on this week’s Media Podcast and whoops, for the second time this week I had a rant about the radio industry. Among other current media topics. Listen here:

September 10, 2014

Podcasters’ Support Group

Following last week’s Podcast Clinic*, one of the attendees, David Thair, has sensibly set up a Facebook Group so that in between Podcast Clinic events, we podcasters can chat, exchange ideas, moan about problems, and generally commune with one another. Because podcasting can be a lonely business, so let’s stick together, huh?

Join the Podcasters’ Support Group here.

*Thanks very much if you came along – I was so delighted to meet everybody, and to see people making friends with each other. I think we’ll stick to a similar format for future Podcast Clinics: an hour or so at the start in which to hammer out specific questions/problems regarding your particular podcasting needs, followed by a mixer. What do you think?

September 3, 2014

runs in the family

H Andy dolphin
In what felt like quite a peculiar exercise – like therapy that I hadn’t paid for – I was interviewed by the Guardian in tandem with my elder brother Andy about both being funny people and from the same family.

If you’ve met my family, you’ll know that there are a lot of funny people in it. My brother Rick took a sensible career path that doesn’t require a GSOH, but he’s hilarious; Andy’s long-time cohort John Oliver said Rick is the funniest person he’s ever met. And more than three years later, lots of people still talk to me about the speech my dad made at my wedding. I don’t actually remember what was in the speech, although I know there were many Class A puns; I just remember laughing till I cried.

Zaltzmans aren’t much inclined to talk to each other about Feelings, so humour is our form of emotional currency. Luckily mum is a proper well-rounded human being, so she stops the family being merely a bunch of hollow wise-cracking sociopaths.

If you’d like to read about it, the interview is here.

September 3, 2014

Sound Women Podcast: NEWS

I love the latest Sound Women podcast, which this month is news-themed. There’s a despatch from Sky News Radio about how they make almost all commercial radio’s hourly news bulletins; podcast regular Ruth Barnes met Jo Carr, who edits Radio 4’s PM, Broadcasting House and iPM; and I spoke to the formidable Petrie Hosken, who doesn’t get phased by much on air at LBC seeing as she used to report from warzones. When you’ve dealt with the threat of being kidnapped on your way to work, you’re pretty much unflappable.

If you’re keen to learn how to podcast, you can still get a ticket for the Guardian podcasting masterclass on 20th September, in which Bugle producer Chris Skinner, Guardian podcast producer Jason Phipps, software developer Drew White, Radio 4’s Film Programme producer Craig Templeton Smith and I will teach you everything we know about the medium. Book tickets HERE.