Podcast Clinic: November

Date for your diary: the next Podcast Clinic will be 7.30pm, 24th November 2014, and we will gather upstairs in the Upstairs Bar in the Brixton Ritzy. (And anyone who was at the last podcast clinic will be happy to know that the venue is definitely OK with this!)

Joining me will be Sam Clements and Simon Renshaw from the Picturehouse Podcast; we’ll chat through your issues with your podcasts for the first hour or so, then kick back with drinks and snacks – do come along if you just fancy meeting other podcasters. Podcasting can be a lonely pursuit, and at August’s clinic, it was particularly pleasing to see podcasters meeting, making friends and sparking ideas off each other. So whether you are one or want to become one, please join in. It’s free! We’ll have a lovely time! We can all go to see a film afterwards!

PS Join the Podcasters’ Support Group on Facebook so that you can air your podcast problems and fraternise with other podcasters in the virtual realm.

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