Allusionist 5: Latin Lives!

20+ years ago, my Latin teacher played our class a clip of a Finnish radio station that broadcasts a weekly news bulletin in Latin. I’d always been curious as to why – and how – they do this.

At long last, I found out, in the new Allusionist:

3 Comments to “Allusionist 5: Latin Lives!”

  1. Hi Helen! I just discovered your podcast “The Allusionist” and I was instantly addicted. (You can thank Bruno Mars for his generous recommendation, which was spot on).

    I find myself literally laughing out loud while listening. (Especially after hearing of your dislike of people using the word, “literally” incorrectly all the time. This is one of my husband’s favorite rants. Don’t even get him started on people who give “110%”. He hates that!)

    I wanted to suggest one thing about the dead language of Latin. For those young people who are thinking of going into the medical field, learning Latin could be most beneficial. (Notice I did not say it would be a “life-saver.” My 17 year old daughter dislikes puns, also like you. My 14 year old son, on the other hand has never met a pun he didn’t like, similar to your brother Andy. I guess there are both camps in every family. And I agree men do get punny-er as they age. My dad loves puns, and so does my older brother, come to think about it.)

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to hear Part II of Fix. And I look forward to starting your other podcast “Answer Me This.”

    Jenny R from Melissa, TX, USA

  2. Great episode. Only one small quibble. When discussing the last four letters of ‘cough’ and ‘through’ you note that “…neither the verbs nor the consonants sound the same…” Unless there is some weird transatlantic dimorphism at work here, I think you mean “…neither the VOWELS nor the consonants…”

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