News Quiz and emoji

Most of this week passed in a jetlaggy fugue state: I just got back from California, where I got to hang out with all the delightful Radiotopians, AND attend MaxFunCon, which is a mountain-top holiday camp for podcast enthusiasts. In front of a very energetic audience, Dave Holmes, Paul F Tompkins, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Nadia Kamil and I recorded this ridiculously fun episode of International Waters. (Which, obviously, the UK should have won. But YOU try slagging off Sesame Street on the away team’s turf.)

Just after I got back, I was called in for The News Quiz to replace an ill panellist. Thanks to jetlag-brain, I can only remember a single word, and I’m scared to listen back to it, but if you want to, it is here and also on Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy podcast feed.

I also made a tiny cameo on this week’s 99% Invisible about Sigmund Freud’s couch. See if you can spot it.

The big task this week was shunting out the latest Allusionist, which is all about emoji. I don’t use them myself, but having heard about their place in 5,500 years of linguistic history, I have new respect for them. Listen via Content warning: penis trees.

2 Comments to “News Quiz and emoji”

  1. You were great on the News Quiz Helen, hope it’s a regular gig for you.

  2. I was so pleased to hear you on the News Quiz again. My American ears didn’t notice anything jetlaggedly outrageous, but even after listening for years, I probably still miss some of the subtleties.

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