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September 8, 2015

Fixing it

The Guardian interviewed me about the Allusionist and Answer Me This. Click here to read it. Being interviewed is always a bit weird and embarrassing because of all the stupid shit that pours out of my mouth, but this one is worth looking at for the photo alone. And if that’s not enough, I held forth at length on a recent episode of Podcast Junkies.

The latest Allusionists came about because I’m rubbish at parties. At MaxFunCon this June, I was being a bit introverty and pathetic about going into the big Saturday night shindig, then as I skulked outside I got into a big chat with a charming couple who turned out to be Hampton and Michael Catlin, the founders of the crowdsourced dictionary Wordset. Wordy people? I had to get them on the show. Wordset is a really interesting project, but they had something else they wanted to talk about: a particular strain of English developing in the corridors of power of the European Union.

Visit for more about the episode, including a laugh-a-minute EU report about English misuse. Too late to count as a hot summer beach read?

And here’s the first part of the pair of Fix episodes: