HZ faceHello, I am Helen Zaltzman. I make podcasts: mainly The Allusionist, Veronica Mars Investigations and Answer Me This. I sometimes turn up on the radio; I write stuff; and I make things.

2 Comments to “About”

  1. I just found your Giant Boggle, and then it turned it out it was you! Have been an AMT listener for 3 years now. Moved to Birmingham where your Mr hails from. I can see some Petticoat Lane fabrics in your website banner up there. Any way, putting that giant Boggle lettering in my ‘ideas for eventual wedding’ folder.

  2. Hi Helen,

    I only just discovered your blog and was amazed and impressed you are a crafter too. I don’t really think I fit your demograph for the podcast being nearly 61 and a Granny but I love it! It makes me laugh so much and I download every one. You are always cheerful and so creative and knowledgeable. Please continue in similar vein or is it vane? Now I could have asked you that on Answer Me This, couldn’t I?

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