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5 Comments to “Contact”

  1. Dear Helen,
    I am just one of your great horde of loyal fans, waiting breathlessly for each new episode of what my late father would have called deliciousment from The Allusionist. You are so delightfully clever and funny and informative each time! By day I’m a plodding academic, but by night, when the fortunate many are sleeping and I’m savoring the 57 varieties of insomnia, I listen to you whenever possible and enjoy the world of the language maven. I’m old enough, and my father was pre-Reagan Republican enough (what we now know as liberal Democrat), that I remember regularly reading William Safire’s language column in the New York Times. Only much later did I realize that the linguistic prescriptivist and the Republican strategist were writing from the same playbook. Your much more broadminded approach is better in every way.

    I’m making bold to write you now because of something I just saw on YouTube. My partner just asked me “Why are you writing her? Do you KNOW her?” And I thought, of course I do! I listen to her podcast – we’re practically besties, aren’t we?

    So, the YouTube item: a bunch of chefs explaining how to “zoosh” up boxed macaroni, as an example of Covid Cuisine. Thanks to you and the folks you spoke with in that episode long ago, I know that should be more like “zhuzh” or “zhoozh,” and I know a bit about how it came to mean “gussy up.” If you’re curious, and hanker to hear several people use a term whose origins they clearly don’t know, here’s an opportunity. (I’m very cautious of links in messages, and this one I just copied directly from the page).

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Gardner Bovingdon

  2. Wonderful to see you on the abc this morning Helen – I’ve been following you and Ollie for about 10yrs watching you both grow personally and professionally
    An Aussie fan

  3. Congratulations on being named Podcast Champion 2018 in the British Podcast Awards!

  4. Love your Robert Plant doll! Unlike Jane Garvey, I would pay a lot of money for one! Pity she obviously doesn’t understand the man’s genius and success.

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