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December 15, 2011

Gingerbread Day 2011: savoury

Yesterday, when recounting the gingery elements of Gingerbread Day 2011, I promised you epic pie. And lo, I present to you Christmas Pie:

Christmas Pie: 5 meats and counting

From bottom to top: gammon, turkey, sausagemeat and apple stuffing, more turkey, sausages wrapped in bacon. Gravy incorporated. If you’re vegetarian: apologies.

There was also a veggie Christmas Pie, of which I don’t have a picture: it involved layers of roast parsnip, thin slices roast sweet potato, and chestnut and cranberry stuffing, with onion gravy. The root vegetables were spiced with cinnamon, allspice, ginger and cumin. It was most tasty, and my fears that it would be overly sweet proved unfounded.

As ever, the meals one can concoct with Christmas leftovers are much better than the Christmas dinner itself.

December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Day 2011: sweet

Gingerbread Day is an annual institution in our household. It began a few years ago when we bought an unexpectedly massive Christmas tree, and had hardly any decorations to cover it; so we drafted in our friends to decorate gingerbread men to hang on it. It’s now a pretty hot ticket, let me tell you.

You should see what happens when a bunch of responsible adults get their hands on a piping bag and some jelly tots:

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Frankly I’m not particularly interested in gingerbread as a thing to eat, although this year’s was quite tasty because I doubled the quantities of spices in the recipe. However, I’ll be smashing up the breadbin-full I have left and making it into double-plus yum Rocky Road.

Stay tuned to hear about the epic pies that were Gingerbread Day 2011’s savoury course.