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September 3, 2014

Sound Women Podcast: NEWS

I love the latest Sound Women podcast, which this month is news-themed. There’s a despatch from Sky News Radio about how they make almost all commercial radio’s hourly news bulletins; podcast regular Ruth Barnes met Jo Carr, who edits Radio 4’s PM, Broadcasting House and iPM; and I spoke to the formidable Petrie Hosken, who doesn’t get phased by much on air at LBC seeing as she used to report from warzones. When you’ve dealt with the threat of being kidnapped on your way to work, you’re pretty much unflappable.

If you’re keen to learn how to podcast, you can still get a ticket for the Guardian podcasting masterclass on 20th September, in which Bugle producer Chris Skinner, Guardian podcast producer Jason Phipps, software developer Drew White, Radio 4’s Film Programme producer Craig Templeton Smith and I will teach you everything we know about the medium. Book tickets HERE.

October 20, 2012

noises on – four gigs, three cheeks

Three busy days of noise-making:

Answer Me This! Episode 233 on Thursday;
Saturday Edition on BBC 5 Live tonight;
• yesterday morning MacAulay & Co on BBC Scotland, talking about the Great British Bake-Off final with Fred MacAulay and Seann Walsh;
• and yesterday evening, the roundtable with Ian Collins on LBC, with Ned Simons of the Huffington Post UK. The podcast of the chat is available on iTunes and here’s the RSS link.

Last time I was on Ian’s show, someone tweeted that Ian, fellow guest Simon Warr and I were ‘the three cheeks of the same arse’. This time nobody tweeted that Ian, Ned and I were ‘the three ears of the same head’ or ‘the three boobs of the same chest’, which I think is a positive?

UPDATE: On Saturday Edition we talked about the Bodyform rant, with presenter Chris Warburton snorting with cynicism at the idea it had been posted by a real person rather than a Bodyform PR. And then the real person rang up to prove him wrong! WORLD EXCLUSIVE. Click here to listen from around 20 minutes in.